Sunday, May 1, 2011

How to Dance With a Monopod and Get Sharp Images

Just do the 2 step and anchor down.  Start by positioning the monopod to the left of your left foot. Then, swing your left leg forward and around the monopod.  Keep your weight on your left heel, bend your knees slightly and then lean your left hip towards the left as well. Net:net:
  • the bottom section of your monopod is anchored to the inside of your left calf, 
  • the middle of the monopod is anchored to the outside of left hip, and, 
  • the top of your monopod is braced against "the V" of your left elbow.  
Now, relax your shoulders and let out a deep breathe.   Be steady like a rock.   

You can even do a modified version of this sitting in land rovers.  See How to Shoot From a Safari Land Rover for more information.