Saturday, July 15, 2017

Favorite Galleries

My newest gallery from June 2017 is called Teddy Bears in the Wild.  

My first love is watching African cat moms raising young families and I was over the moon in Feb. when we found a relaxed lioness with 2.5 week old babies.  We followed them for 10 days and the cubs grew bigger each day - see Lion Cubs - Mesmerizing Babies.     

Other cherished sightings include this adorable 3 week old cheetah cub - Cheetah Cubs: Meet Sparky.

And these 2 mo. old cheetah cubs were beyond precious - Cheetah Cubs: Most Adorable Triplets.  

Finding these healthy cheetah quadruplets during a tough drought year made this 2015 sighting extra special - Cheetah Cubs: Four Furballs

It's rare to find a leopard mom with 2 week old twins and we got blessed with this sighting in 2013 - Leopard Cubs: Moving Day.   

Nothing is more special than finding 5 week old leopard babies like these in 2012 - Leopard Cubs: Blue Eyed Babies - and it's my most favorite leopard sighting ever.

My other love is photographing adorable polar bear babies which I did for 7 seasons in a row.  2013 was my favorite year because we were entertained by the most animated polar bear twins on the planet.  See Polar Bear Babies: Romp and Roll Twins.   


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