Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Favorite Galleries

I just posted my latest story gallery called Cheetahs II: Meet Sparky about an adorable energetic 2 -3 week old cheetah baby, the youngest cub that I've ever seen.

I always wanted to see 2 - 3 month old cheetah cubs after watching little Toto in BBC's Big Cat Diaries and more so after seeing the adorable shivering cub in the movie African Cats.  After a dozen plus trips to Africa, my prayers were finally answered in Feb. 2014.  See the Cheetahs I: Magical Moments story gallery at

In February 2013, I was mesmerized by the rare experience of witnessing a leopard mom moving her 2 week old leopard twins  from den to den.  Check out Leopards VI: Moving Day.  

My other favorite African gallery is called Leopards V: Most Adorable Blue Eyed Babies from July 2012. 

Lastly in March 2013, I photographed the most animated polar bear babies that I've seen out of six denning seasons.  Even though it was my coldest Arctic trip ever - minus 55 - 60 with wind chill - I smiled the entire 10 days as the cubs played in snow just like kids.  See Polar Bear Babies V: Romp and Roll.  

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