Monday, July 13, 2015

Favorite Galleries

Here are some of my most cherished wildlife experiences starting with Cheetah II: Meet Sparky about an adorable 3 week old cheetah cub, the youngest that I've ever seen.

I always wanted to see 2 month old cheetah cubs in the wild after seeing little Toto in BBC's Big Cat Diaries.  After more than a dozen trips to Africa, my prayers were finally answered in Feb. 2014.  Highlights of the trip are at Cheetahs I: Magical Moments.

I never dreamed that I'd get lucky with young cheetah cubs 2 years in a row.  The Southern Serengeti was hot and excessively dusty in Feb. 2015 because the rains were very late.  It was extremely tough on the big cats given the late migration.  Happily, these quadruplets were healthy and smart.  See Cheetahs III: Four Furballs.

In February 2013, I was mesmerized by the rare experience of witnessing a leopard mom moving her 2 week old leopard twins from den to den.  Check out Leopards VI: Moving Day.   

My other favorite Africa gallery is called Leopards V: Most Adorable Blue Eyed Babies from July 2012.  For me, leopards are the most gorgeous animal around.

I photographed polar bear babies for 7 seasons in a row and love watching the triplets, of course.  But 2013 was my favorite year because we were entertained by the most animated polar bear twins on the planet.  Even though it was one of my coldest Arctic experiences (minus 55 - 60 with wind chill), I grinned for 10 days as these cubs played in the snow just like kids.  See Polar Bear Babies V: Romp and Roll. 


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